Toyota 1600cc 4AGE engine conversions and parts

Published - 24th Jan 2018
Toyota 1600cc 4AGE engine conversions and parts

For many years there has been a demand for a powerful, light and realiable engine to fit rear wheel drive vehicles. Most modern cars are front wheel drive which leads to numerous problems when trying to convert to other applications. We have spent time developing a kit to be able to use the much renowned Toyota 1600cc 4AGE engine in this new application. This engine fill the role excellently with endless tuning possibilities in various different disciplines whether on the road or the race track.

Over time we have so far designed and manufactured the following parts which can be supplied individually of as a kit:

  • Toyota 4AGE to Ford alloy bell housing
  • Cooling water relocation kit.
  • Engine management solutions
  • Lightweight drive pulley kit
  • Billet alloy dry sump kit
  • Engine chassis mounting kit
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